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A couple of screenplays for live action movies that were never greenlit to be produced are collecting dust. DC thinks they can turn them into animated features. Click the jump to see more.


Lincoln Towncar

For many years, Warner Bros. have tons of screenplays on Batman and Superman that were never produced or greenlit to make into a live action movie. For example, Darren Aronofsky’s Batman: Year One movie that was written by him and Frank Miller about a homeless Batman with a pimped out Lincoln Towncar. For some fans, Aronofsky’s version of Batman would be an interesting take on the character and a must see movie. However, it was never greenlit. So, we will be seeing some live action screen plays that were never produced to become DC animated features? Here’s what Geoff Johns says:


There’s always a possibility.  That’s not the first time that’s come up.  There’s always discussions about what would be really cool to do.

Maybe J.J Abrams’ Superman: Flyby screenplay would be a cool flashpointadaptation that was passed over for Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns (2006). However, for a Batman animated feature it seems that there some leftover tradebacks that DC could adapt such as The Killing Joke, HushArkham Asylum, and Court of Owls. Since Flashpoint Paradox will be released July 30th, it’s only natural to have Court of Owls to follow suit behind the feature. Especially, when Flashpoint Paradox pushes for The New 52 to take place.

We all know that Batman has more interest to have animated features to be released than some other superheroes. Nonetheless, DC should be able to pop out these animated features since their choice to allow other studios to produce more animated features on a timely basis like 2-3 features a year.


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