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Can we get an extra season of Young Justice? Let’s find out how we can do that, yes? Click the jump to see more.


Smgo TV explains a plan to get an extra season for Young Justice. Please view the Youtube clip below to see what happened at the meeting held in April.

Basically a small recap and explanation, Smgo TV, the kickstarter-esque website made to help dying, or dead, shows come back to life for at least



one more season. According to the clip above, Warner Bros. shot down the possibility to bring back Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice. So, Smog has come up with a plan that will tackle one show for now. Young Justice will be aimed at first, due to it’s smaller budget. Unlike Green Lantern, Young Justice was made as a 2-D show and not CGI.

So how to fund this and get the ball rolling. 

young justice teamThe funding system for Smgo TV will work very similarly to Kickstarter‘s, with you pledging to pay a certain amount, and once the needed amount is reached, and if Warner Bros gives it the thumbs-up, only then are you charged for however much you pledged. If you have some spare cash, and care to bring back these amazing shows for at least one final outing, then be sure to check out Smgo TV at the source link below.

Heroes Never Die. 

Source- Smog TV

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