PREVIEWS: World’s Finest #12 The Price of Fame

by Brendon Carlson
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With the recent issues & the changes on the team, World’s Finest has a new feel.  Issue #12 continues the Gatefold cover story of Desaad.  There is still talk even with C2E2 this weekend of what the 2014 event is going to be with all the New Gods popping up as well as hints now that Trinity War is also leading into the start of something.  What role will Power Girl and Huntress play leading into the rebirth of the New Gods and these events?  Also spinning out on the “Original” Power Girl suit getting destroyed in Supergirl #19, we get back to the Power Girl window costume that was popular before Flashpoint.

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What are your thoughts of this title?  What role will Power Girl and Huntress pay in upcoming events?

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