What if Michael Caine didn’t play Alfred?

by Blake Fuller
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One of the most moving moments from the final movie of Christopher Nolan’s Bat-Trilogy was the scene depicting Alfred (Michael Caine) at Bruce Wayne’s grave site   As tears rolled down Alfred’s face, the audience felt the immense pain displayed in a way that only Michael Caine could show.   Recently, Caine shared that this great scene may have never happened because he was not interested in what may be his greatest role to date.  Caine tells the Los Angeles Times,

“I thought, well, I’ll read it and turn it down,” Caine told the Los Angeles Times last year about his role as Alfred Pennyworth in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

In fact, Caine didn’t know at first what role Nolan was pitching when the director visited his English countryside estate well before “Batman Begins” was released in 2005. “I thought to myself, I’m a bit old for Batman. … So, I said, ‘Who am I going to play?’ He said, ‘The butler.’ I immediately thought I’ll be spending the entire series saying, ‘Dinner is served’ and ‘Would you like a coffee?'”

That didn’t appeal to the lauded and prolific Mr. Caine — until he read the script. “I thought it was wonderful. … He was the foster father of young Bruce Wayne, whose parents got killed, and started to bring him up.”

The rest was history as Caine went on to play the most prolific Alfred in movie history.  Caine’s Alfred depiction was one of the most moving interpretations to date, and it gave a better insight into the father-son relationship that the two characters share.

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