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Batman: The Dark Knight Returns will be coming out soon, but how soon? Click the jump to see more.


Have you been enjoying  Batman: The Dark Knight Returns original soundtrack? Do you find yourself rewatching the movie just to listen to the background music by Christopher Drake? Yeah, you have? So have we. Christopher Drake (composer of Batman: Gotham Knights, Under the Red Hood, and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns) has dished out on his Twitter about the original score. See below:


Unfortunately, the original score will not be coming out until much later this year. According to Drake, he has stated that Water Tower Records:


So, when Water Tower Music gets their act together to master Drake’s amazing score we’ll have our original score of both Part 1 and Part 2 from Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. It’s kind of disappointing to see how DC Entertainment/Water Tower didn’t feel that the score or the movie would bring this much raves. It’s clearly a noteworthy movie and Drake does not disappoint to bring his “A” game to the musical department.

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Source- Christopher Drake

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