RUMOR, RUMOR, RUMOR, the next Batman movie will be coming in 2017. Click the jump to see more.

As always take it with a grain of salt, Batman on Film reports that an insider source declares the next Batman movie to be out in theaters in 2017. justice_leagueSo, that will be two years after the Justice League and five years after The Dark Knight Trilogy. The Batman movie will splinter from the Justice League movie as well as other DC characters like Flash and Aquaman. However, what if the Justice League bombs? The writer of Gangster Squad, Will Beall is already coming out with a script inspired from Gerry Conway’s 1980 Justice League Of America # 183-185, which is very admirable but also dated to say the least. Beall didn’t shock and awe people with his script nor with his dialogue in Gangster Squad. Some fans called the movie a knock-off from The Untouchables and L.A. Confidential. Some of the characters from the movie felt like they had very little to zero purpose to be in the movie and they had a good director doing the movie, Ruben Fleischer (directed Zombieland). So, what does that say about Beall writing the script for Justice League?

Yes, yes, we can’t really judge Beall’s work on Gangster Squad? He could improve on the next movie, but you’re talking about the Justice League! The Avengers did swell together, and here comes DC with their team up of superheroes to stop an alien invasion. Yeah…Beall is going to have to do a 360 in the script department. If Justice League does blow, who in the world is going to see the splintered off movies? Justice League will become a rotting appendage to the other DC movies. So, Warner Bros. better wise up and get to moving on fixing Beall or getting a new script writer for the movie because no director can save a dying script with crappy dialogue.

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Source- Batman on Film