Gail Simone is back, but her main artist Ed Benes is out. Click the jump to see more.

Gail Simone (current writer of Batgirl) was taken off of Batgirl and then put back on as writer of Batgirl after fans were outraged by Simone’s “firing.” Now here comes the other problem for Batgirl, Ed Benes (current artist), is leaving Batgirl. See what Benes has stated from his Facebook:

Hi guys, today I am using this space for, to warn you that I’m away from comics for a while, maybe a year or two I do not know, the fact is that this was something I’ve wanted to do since the time of the JLA, I’m warning you here because almost all my contacts are here, and it’s clear that the plan to form a team to work with me will have to wait, I’m sorry about that, but I’ve been living under pressure for a long time and I need time to rest a bit. This does not mean that I will stop drawing because that’s what I know how to do.

Okay, here’s the breakdown: Benes is taking a break from all the regular comic book titles (Batgirl and a few others). It’s no secret that DC Comics orbatgirl-014-08 even any comic book company applies pressure on both writers, artists, and editors. People need breaks and need to take time off from their 20 hour assembly line push outs, which is exactly what these writers and artists are doing for The New 52’s. If these writers and artists begin to feel too much pressure then the comic book titles, they work on will suffer too. We as fans will have to read crappy story lines and look at even worse artwork.

Ultimately, what does this mean for Batgirl? Well…no more ass shots. Ed Benes is known to draw panels of showing off female characters’ behinds. It was tasteful and sometimes you rarely noticed it being portrayed that much. However since Issue #0 of Batgirl, the artwork has improved significantly with Ed Benes on as the artist. Adrian Syaf (former artist) wasn’t really portraying Simone’s work on paper, whereas Benes knew Simone’s style of writing and did her justice on the page. Now that he’s leaving, Batgirl might feel more of a drag. For some Batgirl fans, Simone has not been doing so well with the story lines or portraying Batgirl in the best of light. Now, fans will have to worry about artwork and writing again. Hopefully, the new artist will do Batgirl justice but one can hope for the best right now.

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Source- Bleeding Cool