“Throne of Atlantis” continues as Aquaman will face off against Batman & Wonder Woman. Batman will be sure to make surf & turf of Aquaman, hopefully. Click the jump to see more.

PLOT: “THRONE OF ATLANTIS” continues! Aquaman can barely hold on against Ocean Master even with the League by his side! The United States loses faith in the Justice League and Enters the battle against Atlantis, setting in motion the establishment of the Justice League of America! More on the Superman / Wonder Woman alliance! Plus: In the backup story, the origin of SHAZAM! continues!

“Throne of Atlantis” seems to be a very promising crossover between Aquaman and Justice League. It’s a small crossover, but everyone’s been having one since Scott Snyder (writer of Batman) has started the trend. It’s the best way for other books to get new readers and to show how well The New 52’s universe collaborates together. For sure, in Justice League we see Batman get his ass beat. That’s okay, Batman always has a way of turning the tide on characters.

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Source- BuzzFeed 

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