Talon # 4 variant covers have been released. Click the jump to see more.

Talon #3 features the new threat to Calvin Rose’s universe and his name is Unworthy, which is by far the coolest name right now. He’s huge, he’s menacing, and the mother effin’ dude climbs walls. I mean this guy is a disaster waiting to happen. I’m hoping that some wrestler from WWE might take some inspiration and call himself “Unworthy!” This would be epic! People  should seriously be digging into this book, but very few are at this time. This is why on Newsarama says the book is Scott Snyder (writer of Batman)’s book than James Tynion IV (the real writer of Talon). If the book is titled under Scott Snyder’s name and not Tynion’s than there might be more Batman fans flocking to the book. It’s a shame, but that’s marketing for ya.

See the covers down below.

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Source- Newsarama