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New story arc for Batman: The Dark Knight featuring Mad Hatter, Gregg Hurwitz talks a bit about the new story. Click the jump to see more.

Gregg Hurwitz will be concluding Scarecrow’s story arc for Batman: The Dark Knight in Issue #15. Issue #16 will begin the next story arc and featuring the new villain, Mad Hatter. Here are some points from the interview down below:

  • Mad Hatter will be revamped, reinvented, and well redefined.  bmdk_16_18_super
  • New story arc will six issues long from Issue #16-Issue #22.
  • Catwoman will be featured in this story arc with a very specific reasoning for being there.
  • Ethan Van Sciver will be sticking to some of David Finch’s (former artist of Batman: The Dark Knight) artwork on Batcave, in which Sciver states that Finch has made “An interesting, morbid, cool high tech Batcave. I’m just going to follow his lead.”
  • As far as Scott Snyder’s (writer of Batman) March solicitations, Hurwitz’s story arc will take place around Snyder’s story.

From all this we can conclude that the eerie darkness of David Finch’s run on the book will not totally be erased. Ethan Van Sciver (current artist of Batman: The Dark Knight) seems like he will bring a clean cut work of unusual darkness to the book. If you can see from some of the sneak peek pages down below, you can see that the unusual artwork is catering to Mad Hatter’s style of villainy. However, the dragging knuckles on Natalya and other characters seems to be a signature piece by Sciver. However, this can still be considered part of Mad Hatter’s style of villainy. When I say “style of villainy,” I do mean that this is Mad Hatter’s story arc so Sciver might be drawing based on the villain spotlight in these issues. Hopefully, this is the case.

Super excited to see Mad Hatter get his dues as a villain since he is a bit under appreciated. He is a bit of a zany character to begin with, but Hurwitz will bring an air of darkness to the character that will horrify you. This might be an okay book to continue reading after Issue #15 of Batman: The Dark Knight. 

If you want to see more of the interview, click on the source link below to see the whole interview.

Check out the sneak peek unlettered pages down below.

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Source- Comicvine 


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