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RATING: Enjoyable Issue, see some real kick ass fight scenes. 

More than anything, Batgirl has improved a whole lot with the addition of Ed Benes (current artist of Batgirl). The action scenes have more suspense in them and Benes works so well with Gail Simone (writer of Batgirl). For Batgirl #13, we finally see interaction between Knightfall and Batgirl; which in my belief there should have been more interaction between Batgirl and her villain. Nonetheless, this issue is just as enjoyable as any other issue in this comic book.

Simone is known for many voice-overs as a way for the audience to get into the characters’ minds to further the story plot. Also, Simone is more character driven than plot driven so the voice-overs work well for her writing. In Batgirl #13, Batgirl is clutching her side due to a knife wound by Knightfall. As Batgirl lies on the floor bleeding out, Knightfall goes into monologue justifying her means of vigilantism.

For Simone, this is also a way for her to continue the story along. As Knightfall monologues, Batgirl puts mind over matter and fights Knightfall while she continues to bleed out. Now, for many Batgirl fans some are not too happy on how Batgirl is weak one second and fighting the next. Most likely, Simone wants to show Batgirl struggling physically where she will have to use her body instead of her mind. Batgirl has always been the character who can use her mind instead of her body, so for me it’s great to see her become more physical and aggressive in this comic book. More or less, this is prepping Batgirl to get physical with facing Joker after her last interaction with him in The Killing Joke.

Ed Benes has given such an improvement in the art direction for Batgirl. Even though, I do feel that some of the female characters are starting to look kind of the same in the face. This would be called wig heading, the panels are looking better making Simone’s writing more suspenseful in this issue. I did like his portrayal of Batwoman, since I am not a huge fan of her costume. Benes actually made me take a second look at her heroic stance. The panels where Knightfall and Batgirl are near the prison gate is great panel work by Benes bringing suspense to the single page.

I hope more issues of Batgirl bring up more about Barbara’s brother, James Jr.; who is stalking her from a distance. I do hope that Simone will use James Jr. soon because Simone has been teasing James Jr. for almost six issues now and I really want to see what kind of hell he will bring to Batgirl. 

Check out some of the panels that I thought were cool.

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