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RATING: QUICK PAGE TURNER, read only if you want.

As I have stated before, Catwoman #0 could either make or break both Ann Nocenti (new writer of Catwoman) and Adriana Melo (current artist for Catwoman). Apparently, this issue did neither. The comic book continues to be at a standstill. It’s neither good nor bad, it’s just blah. I found myself turning the pages of the book very quickly because it wasn’t keeping my interest. This isn’t good for a Catwoman fan, and I am a fan. I found more enjoyment reading Gotham City Sirens (2009) and it wasn’t all about Catwoman. This is quite distressing.

Ann Nocenti is a female writer & editor, and is well into the game of comic books since 1986 doing Dare Devil at Marvel and some work doing some issues for Batman in Gotham Knights, Batman & Catwoman, and Batman & Poison Ivy. I would like to remind everybody her runs on Batman were only one to two issues. Basically, we should be very impressed, yes? Yes, because she is an advocate for women’s rights and is a total feminist. We should be ecstatic that she has decided to do Catwoman since people had a problem with Judd Winick’s (former writer of Catwoman) made the story line cheesy. We should be delighted…sadly I was not.

In Catwoman #0, we get a different tale of Selina Kyle’s origins which is just like or similar to Tim Burton’s origins for Catwoman. For those of you who do not know this tale, it involves her falling, dying, and being resurrected by cats. This is pure fantasy based and unlike the realism tale we know of Catwoman nowadays where she is a thief and is called Catwoman by being a cat burglar. Nope, Nocenti did a Tim Burton. The story telling in this issue was interesting because it introduced the mystery behind Selina’s identity. The mystery is this “Is Selina Kyle really Selina Kyle?” It’s a good start, but a weak introduction. I found myself really trying to get excited, but no budge. Instead, I was more distressed by the Melo’s artwork.

Adriana Melo was brought onto Catwoman after Guillem March (former artist of Catwoman) left on Issue #11. She is talented when it comes to still moments such as a characters standing or looking in the distance. However, she does not do well with action sequences or scenes. Even though, I understand that nowadays we want to embrace curvy women/girls. I found Catwoman becoming extra hippy and had seriously become well endowed in the chest area. For me, this was appalling because no woman can do a back flip with double D breasts. I don’t care who you are, you better have an awesome sport bra made from Zeus. Melo does not improve on her artwork, and makes Catwoman/Selina look like an older woman with a hard face. I do love the fact that Selina had longer hair instead of that choppy shag of a hair cut she had earlier in the comic book.

As I have stated before, I’m distressed and this comic book continues to be at a standstill. Hopefully, since Catwoman will be on Justice League of America in 2013 and the upcoming cross over story arc, “Death of a Family.” Maybe things will pick up with the story line. Adriana Melo will not be continuing with Catwoman so now, we have to see different artists draw Catwoman. This will be even more distressing.

Check out some of the panels that I thought were cool.

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