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RATING: MUST READ ISSUE, if you’re a Shazam fan or love cool mythology references

In my opinion, Geoff Johns (writer of Green Lantern and Justice League) is at the top of his game with his storytelling. In Justice League #0, this issue has very little to do with Batman or any of the other Justice League superheroes. It has everything to do with Shazam’s origin story. For the longest time, Shazam’s origin has been a back-up story to the Justice League comic book. Now, Johns gives us the story of how Billy Batson becomes Shazam.

I loved how Johns relied so much on the dialogue between Billy Batson and the wizard in this story. Even though, Batson is not the best person to become Shazam. Batson has the heart of hero when it comes strictly down to it. As the wizard only wants a pure heroic heart, the wizard must admit that Batson is the only option to stop Black Adam. It was thoroughly enjoyable and Johns gave Shazam, an up-to-date version of his origins as a hero. Nowadays, it’s tough to introduce magic, myth, and the supernatural into DC Comics right now since The Dark Knight Trilogy’s use of realism. However, Johns pulled it off by combining today’s modern day dialogue with the mystical references in Justice League #0. The art was not done by Jim Lee, who took a break for Issue #0. Instead, Gary Frank and Ethan Van  Sciver took over. Both artist did well for this issue especially since they made sure to fill up each page with great panels that told Johns’ storytelling superbly.

By the end of this issue, is about The Question made an appearance. He’s coming back into DC Comics, I’m glad they are making him mystical instead of this average guy in a mask. I’m looking forward to The Question coming back; I just hope someone does him justice.

Check out some of the panels that I thought were cool.

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