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RATING: MUST READ ISSUE, if you’re a fan of Batwoman; read carefully for details.

After J.H Williams III’s (artist and co-writer of Batwoman) win for two Harvey Awards, I think the option of letting Kate Kane (Batwoman) tell her story from her own perspective was a great move. Last time, pre New 52 Kane’s story was told from Batman’s perspective. Most fans loved Batwoman #0 and appreciated the story telling. Truthfully, the issue was quite enjoyable. It was one of the first issues I had to read before getting to the rest of September 19’s issues featuring Nightwing, Red Hood & the Outlaws, or Catwoman. Even though, I have berated most of The New 52’s Batwoman issues; I am happier that things are going to making sense after this issue. This is much appreciated!

The issue was mostly filled with voice-overs of Kate’s thoughts, which was terrific. Particularly, voice-overs can disrupt comic book panels especially if the panels do not match the words. This just makes people frustrated like crazy, however, W. Haden Blackman (co-writer of Batwoman) and J.H. Williams III did well with the voice-overs. Most of the voice-overs referred to her relationship with her father after her twin, Beth and mother died. What is even more powerful is Kane’s relationship with her twin, Beth. The more we see of how much Beth’s presence meant to Kate, the more she might reappear again as Alice (a former villain in Batwoman). The reappearance of Alice would be great for Kate’s progression as a character because Alice is Kate’s weakness, since she found out that her twin is alive and a villain. More or less, Blackman and Williams will have to continue Batwoman and lead up to this story. As for Issue #0, it was powerful and quite revealing. You basically learn so much about Kate in this issue, by the end you’re appreciating her character a bit more. Blackman and Williams displayed Kate as flawed character, who can go over the edge but manages to keep herself from falling off that cliff. For right now, Batwoman is appearing more like a Byronic hero. In which she doesn’t do the normal things a hero is supposed to do. Basically, Batwoman dances to the beat of her own drum much like Batman. She is no Batman, but the similarities are there but Batwoman is less disciplined emotionally and mentally.

The artwork was phenomenal. Unlike how Batman INC continues to use old school artwork that looks cut out of a 1960’s or 1980’s comic books. I didn’t object to Williams’ use of dated artwork for Batwoman #0.  The use of dated artwork did not hinder his use of beautiful panels that excited readers to turn the page. It was pure work of art. I found myself reading the voice-overs first and then trying to soak in the panels slowly to capture the emotions found in the voice-overs. It was breath taking. Hopefully, Williams and Blackman will continue this wonderful story telling into the next story arc, World’s Finest: Bloodtides. Batwoman teams up with Wonder Woman, which is sure to be an exciting story arc.

Check out some of the panels that I thought were cool.

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