Warner Brothers Releases more details on TDKR Bluray/DVD Features

by Benjamin
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So as we recently found out, The Dark Knight Rises will be released on DVD and Bluray on December 4th! Warner Brothers just released some details and prices for the upcoming release! For a full and complete list head on over to the website listed below, but I’ll give you a quick rundown of what they released!The Limited Edition Bat Cowl Set will be priced $39.99, regular bluray will be around $30 to $35 depending on your location and options. There was also hint of a Ultimate Trilogy pack being released sometime in 2013 with no official release date mentioned. If you haven’t seen the pictures of the Box Set check out the first article that we posted about the release date, the official pictures are in there! Go check it out! For the full article and a list of Bonus Features head over to spinoffonline!



Source: spinoffonline



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