I know that this review is like a week late, but I do a lot of other things for the site if you haven’t noticed LOL. Still, nonetheless this review shouldn’t be late. Apologizes. Onward with the review damn it!

If you’re expecting an exciting Batman filled fighting or mystery to solve. You’re in for much disappointment, because you rarely see Batman in Issue #12. Really, this issue is an epilogue to the “Court of Owls” story arc. This is not a waste to read issue, well it’s more like a back burner issue that you should leave on the side until you get to it. If you’ve been questioning about this mysterious character named Harper, well you’re in for a treat because her presence in Batman #12 is explained. After reading the issue, I liked Harper even more than I did when first saw her earlier in the comic book. I mean liked when I first saw her because she seemed like a character you can relate to. Girls like Harper are dime a dozen nowadays, but this chick jump started Batman’s heart with jumper cables which is like a Pulp Fiction reference. I loved that one shot of her. Everyone makes reference to how Harper looks like Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. There’s a reason for that but you’ll have to read Issue #12 to find out why. After reading Issue #12, I’m wondering if Harper will appear again as a hero or Batman’s new intel chick because she’s quite handy with her skills. I say make the girl a cool hero, one that people or girls can enjoy reading about. In The New 52’s, we kind of need that right now. Sorry.

As for the artist or should I say artists. In this issue, there was no Greg Capullo (main artist) at all. He took a break and Scott Snyder advocated for Becky Cloonan and Bryan Hitch to take over this issue’s artwork. So, you didn’t have one person doing the issue you had two artists with two different ways of drawing the characters in this issue. Now, it was confusing especially when you don’t read the credit page in the front. We didn’t just have two different artists, but we also had two different inkers. Jonathan Glapion (main inker) and Sandu Florea (inker) who worked on Issue #12. You’ll notice the difference in inking when you read it, I swear by it! Becky Cloonan did well for her first time on Batman and she’s the first woman who ever drew on Batman, which is like “WHAT!” I say that’s ground breaking, but also disappointing.

Becky Cloonan’s panels

Cloonan’s artwork was decent and she showed cool panels for story telling that was conventional. I really can’t knock her for her effort on the issue. Bryan Hitch was better, but it was sketchy. You’ll notice that. The two artists come at a tie so they both win bronze in my opinion for the August 8th comics. There were some cool panels that showed Harper as an awesome character that a person can relate to. I really think that Harper should get her own comic book as a hero or as a main character. Either way, Harper is a cool character for girls of this time period.

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