Lindy Hemming is like a genius with her costume designs. She has taken the concept of Catwoman and turned into the next vision of what Catwoman is supposed to look like. I am still a fan of Tim Burton’s Catwoman costume, I think I will forever be a fan. However, I am more interested in how she was able to create this vision of beautiful perfection that we see today. Here are some quick points on her take of Catwoman’s costume:

  • The Catwoman suit functions a bit like a female version of the Batman Suit: technology built into the suit itself for her needs.  They wanted to make the suit a function sort of suit for burglary, so they stayed away from making it too shiny or binding.
  • The heels in the Catwoman suit can be used as weapons.  The ears in Catwoman’s suit have a specific function and purpose that works with the technology of her suit. When they are on top of her head they look like ears, but they drop down over her face to become goggles.  Catwoman’s goggles function as both night vision goggles and a jeweler’s loupe.

There will be more on the concept of Catwoman’s costume by me as well as other character’s costumes done by the other DKN writers. So stay tuned! To see what the other DKN writers and I have written for other characters and spoilers check out the links below:

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Source- Collider