The New 52’s Batman has been doing great with the Court of Owls and now it is time to bring back an old foe, The Joker. Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo will bring you the most terrifying Joker with a new twist to The Joker’s already screwed up character. Snyder is quite known to bring about fear in the most unlikely ways and Capullo will give you gut turning artwork in Batman #13. Check out both quotes from Snyder and Capullo on their thoughts about The Joker in The New 52’s: 

Snyder: “Basically, this is my big exploration of the Joker, my ARKHAM ASYLUM or THE KILLING JOKE, only bigger in scope. Bottom line: it’s the biggest, baddest, most shocking Joker story I could tell. This is Joker completely unleashed. He has been away for a full year planning this revenge, watching, plotting, setting things up. And now he’s back. He has his traps set, his knives sharpened… And wait ’til you see him. Greg’s sketches literally gave me chills. Point blank: This is Joker like you’ve never seen him before. He has a mission. He has a secret. And he has a serious axe to grind with Batman. It isn’t going to be pretty, but it’s going to be a wild ride. Thanks for taking it with us.”

Capullo: “When Scott told me that he’d written a Joker story for our next arc, I couldn’t contain my excitement,” added Capullo. “Talk about a dream come true! For me, the Joker is the ultimate rogue and the villain I most wanted to draw. I gotta tell you, after hearing what the story is about, this isn’t a dream come true. It’s a nightmare! A macabre and bloody, flesh crawling nightmare. We hope you’ll have the nerve to face what’s coming. Warning: It ain’t for the faint of heart!”

You read it from both and soon in October 2012, you’re going to see if you can withstand the pain, the agony, and the chaos that comes with The Joker. Batman #13 is going to be sickeningly twisted with jaws dropping and hearts on the verge of anticipation and terror. Oh yea, there will be blood. HANNIBAL LECTER AIN’T GOT JACK ON JOKER!