On May 29th, is going to be a best for gamers in North America. Harley Quinn’s Revenge will be coming out as a free download. However, new updates have come out from Warner Bros. stating that the game will cost $9.99 (U.S. dollars) or 800 Microsoft points. For other gamers around the world, this stand alone game will be coming out in September.  What you should expect are downloadable skins, challenge maps, and multiplayer mode. The story line for the game is good and should not disappoint. As one of Dark Knight News writers, Stephen, he states that Arkham City has given incredible back stories  for Batman’s villains and more realistic designs.  Harley’s Revenge should bring more realism for Harley and her character will not disappoint. This post will be featuring some game spoilers.  For more pictures go to Harley Quinn’s Revenge.


Rocksteady expands the Arkham City world with Harley Quinn’s Revenge, Arkham City is evacuated and Harley goes to Joker’s old

hideout. Batman investigates the kidnapping of police men and goes missing for two days. It is up to Robin to figure what has happened to Batman. You will become Robin for most of the game, but do not worry you will play as Batman for a bit. You will be talking with Oracle who will tell you how she feels about Batman’s behavior since the death of Joker and Talia. It is so like Oracle to yap away, but her information gives you an idea what is really going on with Batman.

What you should expect when you start the game is that it is no joke. Harley Quinn’s Revenge is as the title says, it’s revenge. It is on like a psychotic Donkey Kong. As soon as you start, you will be fighting right off the bat. One of Harley’s men will come out to attack you. If you finished the game months ago and forgot the simple button to punch someone. I suggest you go back and train because this game is not for the weak or the forgetful.  When you do find Batman’s utility belt, you will become Batman as a flash back. The flash back is Batman two days before he goes missing. So, here are some things you should do: talk to Commissioner Gordon, get into the hideout, and find out how really twisted things are going get in this game.

Down below is a video of Harley Quinn’s Revenge and for more pictures go to Harley Quinn’s Revenge on DKN Facebook. Comment below or on DKN Facebook on what you think of Harley Quinn’s Revenge. Are you happy it is multiplayer? Would you prefer to be Batman all the time or are you okay with playing as Robin? How long has it been since you played Arkham City or are you still trying to get all of the Riddler’s riddles?  Let us know.

Source- Batman Arkham City via IGN