Mattel Official TDKR Catwoman Action Figure Photos


Earlier Today, Mattel officially released pictures of their TDKR Catwoman Movie Master Action Figure. Along with it was Mattel’s description of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ film. Check out the description & pics below:


Film Synopsis:

The bravest, the darkest and most exciting of all the heroes returns to the big screen-Batman-in a fight what he himself has not yet experienced. The most anticipated film this summer is the latest continuation of the legend of the hero of modern times. It’s been eight years since he took over responsibility for the Two-Face’s crimes and the citizens of Gotham do not believe him. Still, Batman (Christian Bale) emerges from his lair and fights for his city because criminals are tougher this time more than ever… Bane (Tom Hardy) and Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) will play with his mind and try out all of his boundaries…



Cool stuff. Mattel is not known to make the best replicas, that belongs to Hot Toys, but it’s still cool. The Cat ears are nothing like that in the film thank goodness. –Brandon


Let us know what you think of these photos. Are you gonna get the Catwoman action figure? What you think of the awesome plot synopsis? let us know in the comment section below.