The bets are in and…The Avengers will be hosting The Dark Knight Rises‘ new trailer. It will be the third trailer to be released. I hope I get to see more of Selina Kyle/Catwoman. I am dying to see more of her. Maybe we will see Bane’s speech on the football field that would be EPIC! In all honestly, I do want to see more of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I know it is a HUGE HOPE HERE! I am dreaming big, I want to that mysterious person I am aching to see more of that person. Whoever that is, I want to know who you are so I can theorize about you and what your purpose is. People suggest it is Azrael. I do hope so. I do.

For those who have made their bets on The Avengers! You suck! I lose on Dark Shadows. So much hope there, Tim Burton hope. CRUSHED!

Comment below or on DKN Facebook on if you won the bet on The Avengers. What do you expect to see in the third trailer? Who do you hope to see more? Are you going to jet after seeing the trailer or watch the entire The Avengers’ movie?

Source- Comic Book Movie