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We have seen one electro metahuman, we have seen them all  in Catwoman. Selina has a new partner and his name is Spark. For right now, they seem like the perfect pair still

Oswald Cobblepot aka "The Penguin"

there is something odd about this union. Was there not another electro metahuman attacking Selina? This sounds like a funky plot about to let loose. If this did not strike you as peculiar, then Penguin’s appearance will make your nose cringe.

In Issue #8, Selina and Spark are deciding to steal from The Penguin that will be just interesting to see. This is the issue before Issue #9, when the Night of the Owls event takes place for Catwoman. So, it would be cool to see if ole Spark will be in the issue. I really hope not that would take the fun out the brutal fighting and bloodshed. DAMN METAHUMANS!

Comment below or on DKN Facebook about what you think will happen between Selina and Spark. Has the direction of Catwoman gone off with the funky plots?

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Source- Comic Vine


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