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DC’s All Access panel gave audience behind the scenes look at the inner workings of DC Comics .  DC Comics opened its C2E2 with the All Access panel. Featuring Editor in Chief Bob Harras, Editorial Director Bobbie Chase, Chief Creative Office Geoff Johns, J. Michael Straczynski, Shane Davis, David Finch, Kevin Maguire and Scott Snyder . The panel started off with Chief Creative Office Geoff Johns giving details on the “Batman: Earth One”

Geoff Johns : “It’s a very different Alfred in the book, it’s a very different Commissioner Gordon,” he said. “Gary’s just doing the work of his career on this. The script is 180 pages long. … I’m really, really excited about it. … You’ll actually say, ‘I can’t believe Alfred’s a badass.’”

Other members of the All Access panel spoke on other topics . Even our beloved writer Scott Snyder spoke on a teaser image from Batman: Night of Owls .

Scott Snyder: “This is the big turning point where Bruce is going to kick some serious ass,” he said, saying Batman would be using every Bat-gadget to bring the hurt to the Court of the Owls. “One of the fun things about the storyline is each of the writers [got to decide] which era their Talon was going to be from,” Snyder said, referring to the generations of assassins in the Court, saying how proud and honored he was to be working with the other Bat-book writers. “I’m thrilled just to be a part of it, myself.”


David Finch also another member of the All Access panel briefly discussed the upcoming crossover in Night of the Owls. on the Batman: The Dark Knight‘s comics .  For more info on this check out the source . And stay tuned for more info as it comes available .

Source – CBR

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