Stargate SG-1 star, Christopher Judge plays Teal’c on the television series. Judge is best known for his awesome “James Earl Jones” voice, I mean it is so deep and soothing. WOOO! The man can sing me to sleep. He was also a voice-over actor in the X-Men Evolution cartoon series. Judge plays an unknown character on The Dark Knight Rises and he talks about his experiences on the set on The David Boze Show:

“Generally what you do when you get a call time is the [Associate Director] would then read you your lines for the next day because no one got scripts. So you could kind of at least have in your mind roughly what you were going to be doing the next day. Then you’d get to set and it would all change, and it was like that constantly. The level of perfection that [Nolan] wants, he doesn’t like to do a whole bunch of takes on stuff so it kind of had to be right immediately.”

That is our guy, Nolan, shear brilliance! If you want to hear more from the talk show, it is attached at the bottom. Post your comments below or on Facebook.

Source- The David Boze Show