Newsarama Interviews Artist Greg Capullo On Batman

Newsarama had been talking to some of the artists who work with Scott Snyder including Rafael Albuquerque and Yanick Paquette . Today Newsarama had a interview with artist Greg Capullo about  Batman . Greg Capullo talks about how his art has changed , to the working relationship with writer Scott Snyder .


Newsarama: Greg, I assume when you were first offered this gig, the biggest attraction for you was the chance to draw Batman and his extended cast of characters?

Greg Capullo: Yeah, absolutely. At the time, I was talking to Marvel, and the first thing they mentioned to me was Wolverine, because I suppose I’m typecast a little bit toward the gritty, darker characters. But then the talk became Avengers Vs. X-Men, right? That’s going to be a big powerhouse for them, so it was quite a bit of a struggle for me to figure out the choice on that one.

Both are really awesome gigs, obviously, and I spent many sleepless nights over the course of almost two months trying to flesh it all out in my head which way to go, but ultimately, that little kid in me who drew Batman when I was four years old was like, salivating at the chance to be on that book.

Nrama: I think people have been impressed with what you and Scott have been able to create through the Court of the Owls story, and in particular, that nightmarish labyrinth he went through. Batman #5 was designed to really evoke the feeling of the labyrinth. Where did you guys get the idea to turn the art sideways and upside down like you did in that issue? It was so disorienting, just like the story.

Capullo: First off, let me just say, I’m impressed with Scott as a writer. I’ve been around a long time, and I literally can’t wait to see what he writes next. And there’s been times where I’m, like, reading through it, and I get to like page 10, and I have to stop reading and right away send him an email that goes, “I fu*king love you!” He’s just great, and he writes really cool and interesting stuff.


The interview is quite long so for info go to Newsarama .

Source – Newsarama

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