Batman #8 Variant Cover Preview

DC Comics gives us a look at the variant cover to the upcoming Batman #8 . Artist Jason Fabok talks about his variant cover on this issue

“The description for this cover was that Batman was being tackled, or smothered by the Court of Owls .The idea of the court reaching down to Batman in a zombie like manner immediately sprang to mind.  Artistically I really wanted to play with the shadows on both Batman and the owl-masked men so I added a strong source light on one side to light the shot. I used my camera on my Macbook to get some rough shadow reference and went from there. I penciled the piece traditionally but inked it digitally on my cintiq. Peter did a great job as usual on colors. I’m very humbled to have had the opportunity to do a BATMAN cover, especially in connection with such an excellent BATMAN run.”

I can’t wait to see what the Court of Owls will do next . You will find this issue in stores on April 18th.

Source DC Comics

– Adam



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