Artist Rafael Albuquerque on Batman

Newsarama talked yesterday to Rafael Albuquerque very briefly on his upcoming work in Batman while doing an interview focused on American Vampire .

Nrama: Your collaboration with him led to the work you’re doing on Batman for the back-up stories. You said you change your art style for different stories. How would you describe the style you’re using for the back-up stories you’re doing for Batman?

Albuquerque: It’s pretty similar to what I have done in American Vampire. Regular inking for the present story in issue #8, and then washes for the flashbacks in issues #9, #10 and #11.

Nrama: What’s your approach to telling the story of the Pennyworth family and their connection to the Court of Owls? Can you talk about what your thoughts were on the characters as you developed them?

Albuquerque: It’s situated at the end of ’70s, early ’80s, so I looked for inspiration in movies from these decades. I watched, again, Taxi Driver, The Candidate and others, just to get the feel that these movies have. Maybe the angles, timing and of course vestiments were inspired by that, as much as I could. For the Talon design, I just tried to follow the path that Greg Capullo has created.

Source – Newsarama

– Adam



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