‘Justice League’ Digital Release Date Revealed

iTunes unveiled Justice League’s digital download release date to be January 30, 2018.

Justice League is now available for pre-order on iTunes. The superhero team-up film will come out by the end of the month according to the pre-order section of the digital media site.

Potential Home Media Release Dates

Typically, DCEU movies release their films digitally about a month to two weeks prior to the physical Blu-Ray and DVD copies. For example, Wonder Woman was released digitally on August 29, 2017 and then on Blu-Ray September 19th. According the Dark Knight News mathematiciansJustice League’s Blu-Ray and DVD editions can hit the shelves sometime between mid-February to early March.

Warner Bros. has not officially announced the release date yet. However, they already teased the box art for various Blu-ray editions.

Meanwhile, Justice League is winding down at the box office. It’s domestic total so far is $225.9 million, with a worldwide sum of $652.9 million.

Justice League is still playing in theaters.


Eric Lee

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