Review: Trinity #15

“Dark Destiny” Conclusion



Writer: Rob Williams 

Artist: V Ken Marion 

Inker: Sandu Florea

Colorist: Dinei Ribeiro

And now for the daring conclusion of this four-part narrative. The last few panels really gets you in the mood for team-building (spoilers) Perfect for Justice League‘s opening weekend! Check out the Justice League variant cover art for Trinity #15.


Dark magic has defeated Superman, Wonder Woman, and Zatanna. It is up to Batman to solve the last step of the mission.

The writing is fun, Circe is creepy and obsessive, which makes her a perfect villain. I did wish there were more visible depth to this story arc, it’s simply an adventure tale. I suppose if every story was given emotional depth, it would stop making those narratives special. Williams has a good grasp of the characters; his Constantine is delightful. Red Hood, Artemis, and Bizarro are a fun fix as well, and Williams didn’t do a bad job overwhelming the readers with such a large roster of characters.

Marion is brilliant with making backgrounds look energetic and full. Each panel leads the eye smoothly, making it an easy read. Sandu Florea, the inker for this issue, did a fantastic job highlighting the depths. The colorist is talented, and I’ve always admired Ribeiro’s attention to the shading of complexion. Even around Batman’s cowl, at times it’s completely black, but Ribeiro pays attention to the highlights of facial movements. Even his smile and creases in the cowl. Nicely done. 


The conclusion is heartwarming. It’s powerful.

Batman: We’ve got help.

Superman: And no one dies today.

A major favorite is Superman and Wonder Woman being weakened to almost human strength. It’s not often they’re the ones placed in vulnerable situations, these two are commonly compared to gods. Great issue and can’t wait for their next adventure!

Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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