‘Gotham’ Season 4: The beginning of Bruce’s transition to the Dark Knight

Gotham season 4 Dark Knight News

So, what’s coming in Gotham Season 4? The show to date has brought us a unique story of the foundations that make up what we know now as the Batman Universe. Everything from the death of Bruce’s parents to Gordon, various villains, and now the Court of Owls. The show has focused on the very core of Bruce Wayne and how the death of his parents begin to shape his moral ground. With that will come his transition into the Dark Knight, and reports may suggest that we will start to see this in Season 4.

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Going back over what we have seen so far, his relationship with Selina has matured his approach to dealing with the streets of a tormented city. Alfred has started to guide and shape Bruce’s thinking, and his approach to solving his parent’s death. The detective side of Bruce has come out, and we have seen him navigate his way through hard times. His self-defense and physical nature are being built with the guidance of Alfred as well, so we can expect this to continue in the next season.

Mike Cecchini from Den of Geek was at the Fox Upfront recently and Tweeted:

Gotham season 4 dark knight news


Plans for the transition will be interesting considering how young Bruce is, so the show can try and fast forward a few years in the timeline or even pick some of the traits we have already seen and further grow them. We could see further detective work, or more fighting scenes, and possibly some more training. There would be a great story to tell in building out the Batcave under Wayne Manor and progressing the technical capability of his tools and assets to become the Batman.

Let us know how you would like to see the transition to the Dark Knight unfold in Season 4.



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