Ironhead Studio Releases Photos of the Making of ‘Batman v Superman’ Costumes

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Although Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice remains a contentious movie for many comic book fans, you have to admit that there was a lot of cool stuff in it. One of the things which has yet to receive the praise that it deserves was the costumes. Batfleck’s costume was phenomenal, while Wonder Woman’s costume was completely satisfactory.

If you’re a big movie buff who enjoys behind the scenes work, you’ll be delighted to see that Ironhead Studio has released photos from the making of their costumes.

Ironhead Studio is a special effects firm that specializes in costume design and has been responsible for many superhero costumes in both Marvel and DC movies. Their resume is pretty damn impressive.

Along with a ton of photos showing the construction of the Batsuit, the Armored Batsuit, and Wonder Woman’s suit, founder of Ironhead Studio had this to say about the costumes:

“Here are new images of the BAT. This was my 4th time working on this iconic character and it was great to revisit the suit with a fresh perspective after so many years. Working with Costume Designer Michael Wilkinson, our main objective was to create a visceral, badass BAT. Technically my goal was to allow him to turn his head in the cowl which I had not been able to do in previous versions. I am very proud of this work.”
–Jose Fernandez
I’ve kept you guys waiting long enough, take a look:

I’m just fascinated to see the suits go from the base to its completed state. I found it so cool that they even had a whole separate suit for the damaged version of the Armored Batsuit. I mean, it’s completely obvious that they would have to do that, but it blew my mind for a moment. Excuse the fanboying.

Also, check out the Wonder Woman construction process:

Very cool stuff, indeed.

Looks good to you? Let me know.

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