Humble Bundle Spring Sale has Arkham Origins

Humble Bundle returns with excellent deals on digital video games, including Batman: Arkham Origins, which is currently $8.99, and will be on sale until the Spring Sale ends on May 21, 2014; prices are subjected to change, so check it while it’s hot.

In general, Humble Bundle offers a selection of games, typically priced with limited-time discounts, for PC, Mac, Linux, and Android.  Since Humble Bundle is charity oriented, 10% of your money goes to charity, 75% goes to the game creators, and 15% goes to the Humble Tip.

Arkham Origins received many mixed reviews, which may have deterred fans from purchasing the game.  If you didn’t want to drop $59.99 last fall, then perhaps now’s the time to cash in on Arkham Origins, which may tide you over while you sit and dream about Arkham Knight.


Source: Humble Bundle