Take a Long, Hard Look at Batman’s Grimace – Sideshow Collectibles’ Batman Modern Age Life-Size Bust

Sideshow Collectibles continues their Comic-Con tease with a new Batman Modern Age Life-Size Bust. Click the jump to see more.

With Comic-Con just a couple weeks away, Sideshow Collectibles is continuing their Comic-Con previews, this time with a life-sized bust of the Dark Knight himself. Fans who grew up bonding with the Bats in the 80’s  should be delighted that their blue-clad Bats is getting the bust treatment (take that for what you want). So far, there is very limited information about the bust as it seems that Sideshow Collectibles is simply teasing fans and the folks who will get first dibs are those lucky ones who are attending this year’s Comic-Con.

Though there isn’t much need of more information as it we know it’s general size, which means it will be pretty large and presumably heavy. But since we can, let’s do some detective work and cross reference the weight and dimensions of an older bust. Another Batman bust clocks in at 2 ft, 5 in tall, 1 ft, 10 in wide, and 8 in long, while weighing in at 22 pounds. Upon further investigation, it seems to be exactly the same bust, but re-painted with the colors and insignia of the Modern age Bats. I know how some folks will be unhappy with that, but you gotta understand that some people simply prefer the Modern age look. (Though, I think I prefer the other bust more as the sculpt works best with the black paint.) It doesn’t take away from the fact that the sculpt and paint is still incredibly detailed.


What do you think? Do you like the Modern age look?  Let me know.

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Source – Sideshow Collectibles



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