Man of Steel Features at Least One More Batman Easter Egg

Zack Snyder reveals that there is at least one more Batman Easter egg in Man of Steel. Click the jump to see more.

Prior to the release of Man of Steel, Zack Snyder decided to drop the bomb on the press and the Internet as a whole when he revealed a very cool Batman-related Easter egg that he planted in Man of Steel. At the time, he ignited a flame within the hearts of millions of fanboys, teasing them into believing that Bruce Wayne could actually exist within the Man of Steel universe, which of course leads us to believe that a World’s Finest movie could happen.

Since then, however, Snyder has downplayed it by claiming that it was not much more than an homage to Chris Nolan’s Batman. Though it was intentional, the intent was not to establish a shared universe. It was deflating, to say the least.

Regardless, last week Snyder revealed that there’s yet another Batman-related Easter egg that’s not quite as obvious as the other, and is definitely much more on the playful side than anything. And certainly the British Batfans can appreciate this one.

Snyder says.

“When Zod’s tearing the building apart with his heat vision, there’s a Be Calm And Call Batman sign on the wall there, just really small,” says Snyder, “You might even have to stop the movie to see it but it’s definitely in there. That’s a Double Negative Productions [Easter Egg]. D Neg is the visual effects company here in London that worked on all the Dark Knight movies, and they definitely did that. And [when I saw it], I was like, ‘That’s awesome.’”


There you have it. Just a little nod to our favorite vigilante by the visual effects crew who worked on Nolan’s movies. Pretty cool, huh? Though it doesn’t spell anything for any larger implications for a DC Cinematic Universe, it doesn’t detract from the fun of it.

If you were on that crew, how would you pay homage to Batman? See any other cool Easter eggs in the movie? Let me know.

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Source – Empire

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