Game Testers Wanted: WB Montreal Looking for People to Test Batman: Arkham Origins

WB Montreal is looking for folks to test Batman: Arkham Origins. Click the jump to see more.

If you’re a Batman fan and you happen to live Montreal, then it looks like we’ve got an opportunity for you. WB Montreal is looking for some game testers to play Batman: Arkham Origins. Unfortunately, because it’s voluntary, there’s no compensation aside from maybe a free dinner after a long night of beating evil down and free WB game. You’ve just got to do it for the love of Batman and the love of an Arkham game.

Here are the details:


WB Games Montreal is looking for gamers to participate in exciting play test sessions of their games!

Where: in our studios (Place Dupuis), Berri-UQAM Metro Station (865 St-Catherine Street East, Montreal, Qc).

When: we test games every week. Fill out the form below to be on our mailing list. You will be contacted by email and/or telephone by a Warner Bros. employee when and if you qualify for a test. The selection criteria vary for each test.

Compensation: Your participation is voluntary and therefore unpaid. However dinners are paid when a test takes all day. In addition, you will receive a WB game of your choice at each of your visit.

If you are interested, please fill out the questionnaire below (click on the next button at the bottom of this page).Thank you!

Martin Talbot

User Experience Research Manager for WB Games Montreal

Sign up here

Honestly, if WB weren’t skimping out on some much needed compensation, and if I were in Montreal, I’d probably be jumping all over this. Then again, what Arkham fan wouldn’t? Anyway, if any of you Canadians are interested, go ahead a sign up. Tell ’em that DKN sent ya, though it would do nothing for you. And please, please come back with some feedback that doesn’t violate a nondisclosure form that they may make you sign.

What do you think can testers expect at the studio? What sort of qualifications do you think they’re looking for in a tester? Let me know.

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Source – WB Games Montreal (Arkhamverse)

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