As we wait for Batman #14  to come out this November to continue the terror that is “Death of a Family.”

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo sat down with Comic Book Resources stating this about Batman #13:

Snyder: That’s just the start of this, that’s just him saying hello! Everything that’s coming is 100 times worse than what we did in the first issue. Story-wise all the horrifying, twisted funny stuff is coming. One of the things that’s so awesome is he’s found a way to be a showman and funny and horrifying all at once, so Joker, even though you got a glimpse of him in issue #13, I think the true horror of him story-wise and visually is coming in issues #14 and #15 and #16.

Capullo: For the visual aspect of it, Scott mentioned keeping it funny and horrible at the same time — you know how you might adjust your tie or your cufflinks or your buttons? It’s kind of comical and sick in a way, because that’s the way Joker adjusts his face! He pulls it back together! It’s funny but it’s also kind of — yuck.

If you thought Batman #13 was bad, Batman #14 is expected to be more horrific!

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Source- CBR