Injustice: Gods Among Us TGS 2012 Trailer

The new trailer for Injustice: Gods Among Us just premiered at TGS 2012.  This game keeps looking better and better!



  • davetree

    nope, it looks crappier and crappier

  • Davetree

    I believe there is future in an Arkham fighting system.
    The setting has to be part of the characters realm, for instance arkham city.
    A possibility to fight on and of buildings (hook,running,flying). But also the option to disappear from your foe.
    There should be a rule that when characters go too far apart this should do damage to the person walking away.
    The fighting system should be deeper, where you have unlimited multi button counteringoptions which slightly damages, so there will be an end to each fight.
    When the person dissappears, there should be a constant sense of danger (When the person is closeby The foe should look like your worst fear (like the batmanbegins scenes) when you spot them, to take normal shape again when you have hit your “Fear” and please, not just yellow eyes and an even more stupid voice alteration like kombat vs DC.