Review: Birds of Prey #7

by Fay Clark
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Undercover Animals” – Part One
Writer: Kelly Thompson
Artist: Javier Pina
Color Artist: Jordie Bellaire
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Review by Fay Clark

The end of the previous issue hit us with a true “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” moment, which is the perfect way to get us wanting to read the next one. So, let’s see if we get any answers in Birds Of Prey #7.

New Crew, More Mysteries

It’s so sad to see that the girls aren’t all together anymore, but after the first arc I still have faith in Kelly Thompson. This lady knows how to write a story, so I’m sure that the band will get back together soon… or, we may even just get a whole new group. This arc seems like it’s going to be a two-parter, so we can love and appreciate the ladies we have and the awesome new ones who get to step in.

Kelly Thompson has already won me over with this latest chapter, as there’s a lot going on story-wise. The dynamics have shifted slightly, with Kelly adding Barbara Gordon to the crew (FINALLY!} I’ve missed my girl and her sassy, hacky ways.

I simply love the fact that she’s both Batgirl and Oracle all wrapped up into one feisty redhead these days, and we love her. Seeing her banter with Black Canary makes me so happy. Those ladies have a long history, but one that doesn’t overshadow the story Thompson’s telling now. I can’t wait to see more interactions between Babs and the rest of the team.

New Suit, Who This?

Shout out to Javier Pina, who’s come onto the scene with a smash hit… with Sin in her own super-suit! Amazing! I love this design so much. When you mix that with the color work of Jordie Bellaire, you get an absolutely beautiful costume for our newest superhero in training.

Sin is clearly more confident and comfortable this month, and who wouldn’t be in a Pina original? Also, I noticed that Clayton Cowles has changed up Barda’s Lettering. She was very different from the rest of the ladies, and it was easy to tell who was talking just from the speech bubbles, but now her font’s the same as everyone else’s, making it easier to to read, although it takes away that extra special “Barda” feeling of it all.


Seeing the ladies moving on in Birds Of Prey #7 and tackling their next problem is great. It would be nice for them to have some downtime to recuperate, but I get it. Someone’s trying to kill Barbara, so no one sleeps until she’s safe. Kelly Thompson’s unraveling this story like a pro, and I really want to see what happens next.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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