Review: Harley Quinn: Black, White, and Redder #4

by Kendra Smart
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“Black, White, and Redder #4”
Writers: Zoe Thorogood, Kyle Starks, Sean Lewis
Artists: Zoe Thorogood, Chris Schweizer, Hayden Sherman
Letterers: Zoe Thorogood, Chris Schweizer, Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Review by Kendra Smart

Harley Quinn: Black, White, and Redder #4 is here, and if we thought we’d been spoiled before,  just like Bruce Bogtrotter, we will continue to eat cake!

With a slew of new artists, writers, and letterers to entertain and enchant us, this latest issue gives us three tales to ponder and peruse. Joe Quinones gives us an amazing cover to set the tone of an artist creating different panels. I personally adore the Daffy Duck “Screwball” homage panel.

Let’s dig in to these stories!

Why’d This Take So Long? 

Our first story is “Harley Quinn and The Seven Sidekicks”. The story, art, and letters are by Zoe Thorogood, and all of it’s just Zo Thoroughly Good (horrific pun intended)! The story tells of another bad relationship for Harley, as she’s left with her thoughts, ideas, and a TV reminding her of what she has never had… a sidekick. So out she goes to find one, but comes home with seven.

After an individual interview with each girl it’s easy to see why coming to any decision was hard, but after some fun is had, the tone changes. The girls begin to show Harley just why they admire her and Ms. Quinn begins to accept that while, yes, many of the reasons are parts of her, they aren’t necessarily the parts that she likes.

Ding Dong Fracture

Our second story is “A Voice Traveling”, brought to us by Kyle Starks as writer and Chris Schweizer on art and letters. This one has a fun, animated style art style and the story starts us with Harley taking Bud and Lou to dinner. A waiter interrupts with a customer complaint but Harls will not hear of anyone condemning her emotional support animals. An old friend from med school, Jeanine Crosby cuts in, and she and Harley talk long in to the night.

New Curse Words 

The last story is titled “Golden Years”.  Written by Sean Lewis, with art by Hayden Sherman, and letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, this story is a hilarious romp for the ages. We’re years in the future, with a geriatric Harley who’s currently just trying to watch her dang soaps. However, an alien is bent on taking over the airwaves and this pushes Harley Quinn back into the spandex… mallet in hand.

Readers are then led through a fever dream as Harley and the alien create a soap opera of their own. A story of star crossed lovers complete with layers and intrigue. Until the military steps in…


Harley Quinn: Black, White, and Redder #4 is utterly amazing. Zoe Thorogood gives us the most exquisite art, the “Who Are You?” page is such a testament to her skill. Kyle Starks and Chris Schweizer give us a reason why it is better to be kind. Sean Lewis, Hayden Sherman, and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou give us laughs galore in a brilliantly crafted story.

Yes. This issue is just plain genius.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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