Barry Keoghan Talks More About His Unsuccessful Riddler Audition

by Eric Lee
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The Batman Joker actor Barry Keoghan has opened up more about his process when auditioning for the Riddler.

Prior to the production of The Batman, Keoghan took a swing and tried to audition for the Riddler role. Without being asked, he filmed an audition tape. The video itself was very simple, featuring Keoghan in a bowler hat and green suspenders with a cane, walking slowly down an office hallway. He then turns a corner, before turning back to reveal some ominous blood on his cheek.

According to Keoghan, the hat and cane props were $10 from a costume store. Beyond acting in a slow, but inquisitive style, Keoghan also directed the video. His directorial inspiration came from notable director Stanley Kubrick.

I just made it up. I wanted to make it Kubrick-y: symmetrical, the X on the back, the square doorframe, everything square. I just wanted swag to come across. Swag and endearing. It was just me giving my idea. And then I’s like, I’ma send this in!

The Kubrick inspiration is very overt, even besides the shot composition. Alex from Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange’s definitely gave Keoghan the visual template for his Riddler get-up. It’s really cool how simple costume accessories and changing your demeanor can really transform you into a character like Edward Nashton/Nigma.

In any case, despite not getting the part, his tape still impressed the producers. As fans know, Barry Keoghan took on the role of The Batman‘s version of the Joker instead. Although we only saw glimpses of the villain, the teases were enough to entice many fans.

Hopefully, we will see the character again, in The Batman Part II.


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