McFarlane Toys Previews ‘Batman & Robin’ Movie Figures

by Eric Lee
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Todd McFarlane has unveiled a figure series based on 1997’s film Batman & Robin.

Say what you want about the movie, but McFarlane Toys have made a beautiful set of action figures based on it. The series line-up includes almost all the major characters: Batman, Robin, Batgirl, and Poison Ivy appear in the first wave, with Mr. Freeze as the set’s Build-a-Figure.

McFarlane himself revealed the line at New York’s Toy Fair convention via Instagram.


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Unfortunately, since there are no hi-res images, we’re forced to judge the figure line by staring at the video. So far, the best likeness is George Clooney’s Batman. It’s actually really shocking to see how Clooney’s facial features are present, even while wearing a Batman cowl.

To be totally fair, the Robin figure has a good Chris O’Donnell likeness too. However, his jawline is a bit too square, losing O’Donnell’s youthful appeal.

Disappointingly, Mr. Freeze’s face only vaguely resembles Arnold Schwarzenegger’s visage, despite being arguably the most famous actor in the movie. In case you were wondering, Robin comes with Mr. Freeze’s arms and ice effects, Batman has his legs, Ivy has his torso, and Batgirl has his head, shoulder pads, ice gun, and ice blast effect for the after-mentioned gun.

While McFarlane didn’t get into the details, it’s probably safe to assume that the figures are all 7 inches tall and feature 22 points of articulation. They also seem to include a figure stand and an accompanying trading card, but no personalized accessories or alternative hands or heads.

The only character they’re missing is Bane. While the film version was beyond awful, this is quite sad, because it would have been cool to have Batman & Robin‘s over-the-top design standing next to the stripped-down Dark Knight Trilogy version on a collector’s shelf.

Hopefully, this collection will do well and McFarlane Toys can make a second series featuring Bane. Just imagine seeing the alternative sonar outfits for Batman, Robin, and Batgirl. Not to mention, Poison Ivy had at least two other costume changes in the film. Seeing Pamela with the odd hair cones immortalized in plastic would be cool.

There are no official release dates for the figures yet. But since they are already packaged, you can assume they will hit shelves soon.


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