Dark Knights of Steel #12 – Final Issue

by Sharna Jahangir
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“Scorched Earth”
Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Yasmine Putri
Color Artist: Arif Prianto
Letterer: Wes Abbot
Review by Sharna Jahangir
Warning: There are spoilers in this review

Dark Knights of Steel #12 gives readers the final issue set in a brand new, magical Elseworld. We’ve seen our favorite characters go through huge trials and tribulations, and the finale answers many of our questions, while still leaving us space for more?

In the previous issue, we began the climax; epic battles and truths folding out. In this chapter, we start with the end of the war, where betrayal’s laid out at our heroes’ feet, followed by a cool-down, which I highly appreciated.

Let’s get into it.

The Story

This issue’s filled with action and gives us a plethora of twists. That’s how it all started, and that’s how it ends. The series has been such a thrill to read as it’s always left the audience with much to think about. So far, fans have been loving the journey and I hope there are further stories to come from this fun universe. I really want to see where the future takes this version of Bruce.

What an epic final battle! Be warned, this is one of the violent issues. It’s interesting to see how Tom Taylor carries the characterizations of our original favorites, such as Wonder Woman’s need for battle and fairness, her lust for violence at times when the crime is unjust, as well as staying true to her Themysciran ways. I loved her justice. The same goes for the other characters; Waller’s so intriguing here, she keeps to her clever tactics.

The best part for me is how the story concluded. In the end, what we get is the rise of the Dark Knight of Steel. This is Batman’s story. The alliances created are not forgotten, and Kal gives Bruce the utmost respect. He tells his brother to hold his candle, however, he picks justice before the throne.

Storylines are concluded, yet the door remains open to many possibilities.

The Art

I love the art. I will now pick up anything Yasmine Putri puts out, and will forever recognize the colors used by Arif Prianto. The contrast between water and fire is brilliant, it immerses you in the violence and injustice going on in this world. The action is stunning. I love the way that the Trinity are portrayed. Everything feels so powerful whenever all three appear together.

Wes Abbott places the wording so meticulously. It truly captures the sounds in my mind. When someone screams out of fear, or let out their their battle cry, I can hear it.


While Dark Knights of Steel #12 definitely gives us an ending, there have been so many doors left open, leaving so much room for potential. Where is Waller? Where’s Bruce heading next? How about the Robins and Diana and  Kal’s separate love stories?

I want more, and other fans are left wanting more, too. Isn’t that perfect for an Elseworlds saga? The series ends with this universe’s own Justice League, pulling on my heartstrings. I’m hoping there will be more, as the art and different iterations of my favorite heroes has been a thrill to read.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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