New Batman ’66 Comic Action Figures From McFarlane Toys

Familiar and new faces from stories inspired by the classic TV show

by Steven Lee Sharpe
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McFarlane Toys have extended their range of toys celebrating the 1960’s Batman TV show, with the Batman ’66 comic action figures collection.

On paper it looks like an outrageous affront to what has become one of the most recognizably dark and popular characters in modern fiction. Slapstick humor, comically sincere heroes, deliberately poor special effects, simple stories with messages to children about drinking milk and doing your homework!? The show even lampooned superhero comics themselves with its famous Zap! Pow! graphics over every fight scene.

Executive producer William Dozier described the show as the only situation comedy on the air without a laugh track. But it worked. Not only was it a huge success at the time, running for three seasons and spawning a movie spin-off, but it’s been remembered and revisited continuously through the decades ever since.

In 2013 DC recognised the show’s significance with a Batman ’66 comic series which ran for thirty issues in print and seventy-three issues digitally. It gave the chance to explore the world more fully, imagining ’66-style interpretations of familiar characters, and bringing new ones into the mix, inspired by the fun tone of the series. McFarlane Toys have now mined this extension of the TV show world with a set of Batman ’66 comic action figures that reflect a mix of these characters.

First up we have not only  Batman and Robin themselves, but also the Batmobile – surely still one of the most beloved versions of the car. Then there are interpretations found only within the comic such as distinctly retro-looking Robot Batman, Joker dressed up in his own version of superhero costume, the brilliantly named and visually striking Lord Death Man, and finally the ’66 interpretation of Superman.

All the figures come with the same packaging style used for the TV show action figure line, cloth capes where applicable, and two accessories.

The enduring success of the show was partly due to the brilliant design which captured a camp, vibrant style and energy of the 1960s – Adam West and Burt Ward’s decidedly non-athletic, spandex-clad heroes have become an iconic image for the era. What’s more surprising is that rather than damaging the dark, serious image of Batman we all know and love, it’s given us a chance to appreciate the absurd side of comics, to prove that we have a sense of humor and don’t take it all too seriously – not all of the time, anyway!

The McFarlane Toys Batman ’66 comic action figures include Batman, Robin, Batmobile, Joker, Robot Batman, Lord Death Man, and Superman. They’re available to pre-order now.

Product details:

  • Based on the classic 1960’s TV show.
  • Designed with articulation for posing and play.
  • Batman and Robin include 2 action word bubbles.
  • Robot Batman includes 2 jet leg attachments.
  • The Joker includes large key.
  • Lord Death Man includes sword.
  • Superman includes two kryptonite accessories.
  • Batmobile designed with rolling wheels and rotating steering wheel.
  • Packaged in a card backed blister with the iconic old school look of the 1960’s Batman series.
  • Collect all McFarlane Toys DC Retro Figures.

Images and press release courtesy of McFarlane Toys

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