‘Blue Beetle’ Director Originally Pitched Bane Movie

by Eric Lee
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Blue Beetle director Angel Manuel Soto has expressed continued interest in making a Bane solo film.

According to Soto, he initially came to Warner Bros. to pitch a Bane origin movie. However instead, the studio thought he’d be well-suited for Blue Beetle.

“I wanted to pitch ideas, and one of them was the Bane origin story. I always thought that there was something interesting in exploring his reality and how a character like that comes to be.”

Soto even had an actor in mind for Bane: Dave Bautista of Guardians of the Galaxy fame. In a recent interview, Soto recounted about how he came to the idea of Bautista as Bane.

“Well, look, when I had conceived that idea, I had no one in mind. But suddenly Dave Bautista came out to say that he wants to do it and I went, ‘This is an obvious choice, yes.'”

Interestingly, Soto is still game to try to make a Bane film. He recently even met Bautista- who loved Blue Beetle- and promised him the role if a Bane movie ever gets made.

“And I had the chance to meet him. He saw Blue Beetle, and he loved it and so I said okay if they let me do Bane… you’re my Bane.”

Would Angel Manuel Soto be a good director for a Bane movie? It’s not well-known, but Bane is Hispanic. So a Latino filmmaker like Soto could bring a different dimension to Bane’s background. As far as Bautista as Bane goes… that’s a different story. Allegedly, Bautista met with DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn about it and he came out unsure if the Bane role is right for him. Bautista admitted that he is unsure if he’d still be able to perform with the physicality that a character like Bane demands.

The future seems mixed for another Bane movie appearance at the moment. However, stranger things have happened.

Blue Beetle hits theaters on August 18.

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