‘Gotham War’ Preview Promises Bat/Cat Showdown

by Eric Lee
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DC Comics have revealed a few preview pages of the Batman and Catwoman crossover event “Gotham War”.

The event starts with a special one-shot, Batman/Catwoman: Gotham War: Battle Lines #1. Regular Batman and Catwoman writers Chip Zdarsky and Tini Howard are writing the story, while artists Mike Hawthorne and Adriano Di Benedetto will illustrate the issue.

After a period of escalating tension between Batman and Catwoman, “Gotham War” promises to climax in a face-off between the two vigilantes and their opposing points-of-view. The preview pages don’t reveal much about the specific plot, although we do see Mike Hawthorne beautifully render a scene of Batman getting out of bed, donning the suit, and swinging through the cityscape.

The Catwoman-centric page is more tantalizing. There, Selina Kyle is holding a meeting with Batman and the entire Bat-Family at a club. The page suggests that the Bat-Family’s still in a trusting relationship with Selina, at least at the moment, as most of them are unmasked. However, their grim expressions suggest that Selina’s relaying some bad news to them.

The war spills out in the regular-running Batman and Catwoman books. Finally, it will wrap up in a bookend one-shot titled Batman/Catwoman: Gotham War: Scorched Earth. DC promises that the conflict will have reverberating effects on the Bat-Family and potentially split them apart.

Rising Tension

Previously, the screws have been turning and putting pressure on Batman and Catwoman’s previously amicable relationship. Batman was uneasy that Catwoman killed a villain to save his life. Furthermore, when she was arrested for the murder, she refused legal help from Bruce Wayne and opted to escape prison on her own. Most recently, Catwoman was able to consolidate crime in her area of Gotham City, where she runs a non-violent syndicate in an effort to combat the violent ones.

Naturally, being the head of a criminal organization, even a good one, rubs Batman the wrong way. How this will play out in the crossover event is anyone’s guess, but we can expect it to be explosive to say the least.

Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War: Battle Lines #1 hits comic shops on August 29.

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