Review: Harley Quinn #31

by Kendra Smart
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“Girl In A Crisis” – Part Four, and “Harley Genesis”
Writer: Tini Howard and Heather Anne Campbell
Artist: Sweeney Boo and Filya Bratukhin
Color Artist: Sweeney Boo and Lee Loughrdge
Letterer: Steve Wands and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Review by Kendra Smart

Harley Quinn #31 is here for readers’ enjoyment! When last we left her, the Mistress of Mayhem was trying to find a way to fix the multiverse that she ruined, but results are just an order away when you have the fastest delivery of a cosmic treadmill!

There are so many amazing moments in this issue, and some of the most shining examples start with the covers that readers get to choose from. They range from a celestial Harley Quinn by Sweeney Boo to a realistic original costume Harley with exquisite latex detail by Derrick Chew. Jenny Frison gives us one of my favorite covers with a tender moment between Harley and Ivy, which was genuinely an instant buy for me, personally.

Claire Roe has created an exceptional connecting cover for Pride featuring Harley covered in kisses. All of these are lovely, but the cover we get from Filya Bratukhin, who also is the bonus story “Harley Genesis” artist, is so exquisitely detailed and eye catching with Mecha-Harley as the main focus. Each month I say we as readers get spoiled with our covers… but this month it is all the more apparent that this is the case.

That’s Gross, Come Here Anyway

We start out with a call to The Flash Museum as Ivy tries to ascertain what’s going on in Harley’s world and just why there is a Cosmic Treadmill in their living room. Bud and Lou debate on whether to fill Ivy in on the details while Harley’s dealing with her own woe as she succeeded with the Cosmic Treadmill and finds herself on Earth 26, with Captain Carrot.

Things go… as one would expect.  After hashing some things out and coming to their senses, Captain Carrot shows Harley his base and, after an inspiring talk, offers her a Cosmic Carrot to help her save her world and hopefully fix his own. However, he passes a warning on Lady Quark and the danger her involvement implies.

After a trampoline ride back to her Earth, safely thanks to Fastback, Harley finds herself back at her apartment and overjoyed with the prospect of Ivy being home. After a much deserved hello, Harley fills in Pammy on what’s been going on in her absence. Harley claims all is well but a field trip to Gotham’s famed Giant Typewriter leads to not one but two surprises for Harley and none of them bode well.

A Carrot A Day

First, let me say that Harley Quinn #31 comes with what may possibly be my most favorite Harley costumes ever. After taking a bite out of the Cosmic Carrot, readers get the treat that is Bunny Harley, adorable and so well done. Sweeney Boo has outdone herself art wise this issue, with so many amazing choices with detail and color. Honestly I can say every aspect of the art and story has made me a fan of the whole team.

Let us give praise where it is undeniable; the bonus story for Harley Quinn #31 is titled “Harley Genesis” and it’s brought to us by the team of Heather Anne Campbell as writer, Filya Bratukhin as artist, Lee Loughridge as colorist, and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou as letterer. They give us a Neo-Gotham completely filled to the brim with exquisite anime styled detail.

Joker has created a Mecha-Robot-Prototype Harley that he wants the living version to take for a test drive. Ther’s some eagerness leading to her, Selina, and Pam using their individual Mechs to fight for their lives against activated Joker sentinels. Elements can be seen from all manner of beloved classics, Akira, Aeon Flux, The Matrix, Cowboy Bebop, and so many more. It’s sheer perfection.


If there were a question, a hesitance, a pondering on whether you should be reading this series, then Harley Quinn #31 solves it. There are so many aspects to the character’s multi-faceted personality that are placed in the perfect light to exemplify why readers fall in love with her. Next issue promises to be exciting and a tasty treat to enjoy, so there’s time to catch up, if you haven’t already.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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