‘Justice League: Warworld’ Trailer Casts the Trinity in New Light

by Eric Lee
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The new trailer for the DC Animated movie Justice League: Warworld has dropped.

The new clip offers a lot of insight on the plot of the movie. Previously, when the cast list was announced, many fans were befuddled why a cosmic-based movie would feature characters like Jonah Hex or Warlord. Additionally, the character list distinguished Jensen Ackles playing Batman and Officer Wayne, as well as Darren Criss playing dual roles of Superman and Agent Kent. Now the trailer has clarified these characters and the parts they will play. 

Multiverse Battles in ‘Justice League: Warworld’

It appears that Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are trapped in different alternate realities. So the Dark Knight’s stuck in the fantasy-based reality with Warlord and Deimos. Diana’s dropped in a Western setting, teaming up with Jonah Hex and Batlash. The most interesting reality shows Superman being placed in what looks like a 1930’s-era crime noir/ science fiction setting. The portions that feature Agent Kent are even in a noir-style black and white.

Oddly, we only get the briefest of teases of what Mongul looks like. He’s seen in the shadows for a flash before the screen cuts to black. It seems like Warworld is not a planet, as such, but a collection of alternate realities. This trailer’s lending some serious credence to my theory about the movie. In any case, it will be super intriguing to watch Justice League: Warworld when it comes out.

Unfortunately, no exact release date has been set, but we should look for the film on Blu-Ray, 4K HD, and digital release in summer 2023.

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