Michael Keaton Helped Make ‘The Flash’

by Eric Lee
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The Flash director Andy Muschietti and producer Barbara Muschietti have revealed that the entire movie hinged on Michael Keaton returning as Batman.

While the brother and sister duo hinted at it previously, they were more upfront about it in a recent interview. Andy claimed that they believed in Keaton being Batman so much that there was no contingency plan if the actor said no.

No, no, no, no. We were, of course, [filled with] blind confidence that you have when you’re developing a movie and you get excited about ideas like this. [It] just pushes you forward. We were all excited believing that having Michael Keaton as Batman would be a great thing in the movie. Also, I think we all believed that he would be excited about it, and he was.

Barbara recounted that they pitched The Flash to Keaton over lunch. The Muschietti siblings even pointedly admitted that the movie would probably not be made if he rejected them.

In moments like that you just have to lean in. As we sat with him at a lovely lunch, we told him that we couldn’t make the movie without him. So, he boarded the train.

As we all know, Michael Keaton accepted the role and now we’re on the cusp of seeing him return to the big screen. Interestingly, Andy went out of his way to recreate the magic of Tim Burton’s Batman. He even was able to shoot at the same filming locations as the original movies.

The places were intact because they’re like sort of historical landmarks [that] are owned by families still to this day. What we did do was expand the environment of the Wayne Manor. I think Tim Burton shot only at Knebworth, which is amazingly the main manor that you see in Batman. You see the exterior, you see those caves and you see a couple of interiors. We ended up shooting in five different places. Three of them were actual mansions. The other ones were just old imposing buildings in London.”

So even the Batman ’89 Wayne Manor and the Batcave were recreated for The Flash. The upcoming movie will feature more areas of Bruce Wayne’s mansion, but it’s all a part of the same estate that Tim Burton used 30-some odd years prior. Now that’s what you call an eye for detail!

The Flash races into theaters on June 16th.

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