‘The Flash’ Highlights Michael Keaton’s Batman

by Eric Lee
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The Flash publicity team at Warner Brothers has released a behind-the-scenes featurette that shows off Michael Keaton as Batman, as well as the Bat-Cave and Batmobile.

The featurette gave fans a peek at some behind-the-scenes footage of Keaton flying the new Batwing and setting up shots in the new Batcave set.

Flash producer Barbara Muschietti dropped some interesting tidbits about Keaton’s inclusion in the film. According to Muschietti, bringing Keaton into the fold helped The Flash go into production.

That was one of the things that cemented our decision to make The Flash. The fact that we’d be able to bring Michael Keaton back as the Tim Burton Batman.

How interesting that the studio thought it was so essential to have a Batman character in a Flash movie, much less Michael Keaton, that they did not seem to want to make it without him.

Keaton in ‘The Flash’

Director Andy Muschietti also expressed his excitement having Keaton on board.

The idea about brining back Michael Keaton as Batman was very exciting to me, because I saw Batman in the movies when I was a teenager. It was a character that left an impression on me in a way that none of the other Batmans did.

I have to say that it’s hard to argue against that statement. Despite having a number of excellent actors portraying the Dark Knight over the years, there’s something unique about Keaton’s performance. It seems to do with how haunted and silently troubled he looks all of the time as Bruce Wayne. Like it did with Andy Muschietti, Keaton’s portrayal left an impression on me too.

The Flash races to theaters on June 16th and on the streaming service Max in the fall 2023.

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