New LEGO Batcave Set Unleashed

by Eric Lee
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A huge new LEGO Batcave building set, inspired by Batman Returns, has hit the shelves.

This incredible item boasts a whopping almost 4,000 pieces. Upon close inspection, it seems like LEGO brilliantly took some liberties with the set design and integrated looks from both Tim Burton’s films into one set. For example, the computer consoles are from the original Batman and the separated Batmobile stand is from Returns. Yes, the set even comes with a buildable Batmobile to complete the look.

The level of detail is insane. You can move around the furniture, open up the vault, close the garage gate, and change out the computer screens. What’s even more impressive is the foldable shadow box feature. You can present the Batcave opened up or closed with a Bat-symbol logo to give people a peek inside.

The set also comes with mini figures of Batman, Alfred, Penguin, Catwoman, and Max Shreck, Christopher Walken’s villainous character from Batman Returns.

Burton fans will get a kick out of the detail of the Batman figure. Typically, the cape and cowl are two separate pieces for more mobility. But this Batman figure actually has his caped molded and attached to his mask as one piece. This teeny detail perfectly captures the Bat-suit in the movies where Michael Keaton could not turn his head. That is such a small detail, but so funny for mega Bat-fans.

The beast of a LEGO Batcave set retails for $449.99 USD. It goes on sale everywhere on June 8th.


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